Tiers and extras in filter search

Is it possible that the added “extra” and “tiers” appear in the search filter on the listing page?

If you mean showing separate number range filters like for the Price field unfortunately there’s no such option, an array of extras is stored within a single array while the Price field is a separate field with a value so it can be searched directly.

I think that you have not understand me,
I mean if the “name” that we assign to the price extras when we create an ad.
Could it appear in one of these filters, the search filter, attribute filter etc?

Please share more details, how this price extra should appear in the search filters form, as a number range slider (like for the Price field) or as another element/field?

Like element/field, with checkboxes in the search filter form

Sorry, this would require custom implementation for the built-in Extras, but if you added some custom attributes you can do this by selecting the Checkbox search type for them.

It is necessary that they appear in the filter form…
Please, I am still waiting for a response to the personalization that I sent by email and we are having an email conversation.

To find a solution I think there are two options:
1-Be able to add price to the attributes when a new ad is created

2-That the price extras be option element/field so that they can appear in the filter form

I think that the two options come to solve the customization that I need

Sorry, although we often share simple code snippets if some features can be added via a code snippet, this is not the case - this would require customizations. I understand your frustration but we don’t advertise in-house customization services anywhere (we hope to start soon though), and we sell the themes “as is” - with a set of advertised features, and we guarantee these features by providing guidance about them and fixing any found bugs related to them.

Please consider using the existing extras functionality as a workaround, for example if you list properties for rent add a custom checkbox attribute Extra Services of Select type with multiple selection enabled, and add options for it (e.g. Cleaning, Airport Transfer…) and also make this attribute searchable. This way hosts will be able to select one or more extra services they offer, and customers will be able to filter listings that offer specific services. At the same time, hosts will be able to add Cleaning as a price extra and set a price for it. Yes, it would be 1 extra action (selecting service in the list and adding it in the price extras separately), but it would still work.

Hope this helps.

Yes, I think that for the moment I will have to do that, and that users add an extra price option.
Another question… In numerous videos I see that they add a price as a numerical value to a listing attribute, but without being related to woocommerce, how is it possible?
How would the payment method be?
Thank you!!

If you use Marketplace, the Price field is added automatically, and it defines the price of a hidden product linked with the listing (it’s created automatically). If you mean adding custom attribute that would affect the price unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this, but a workaround may be creating a Select attribute with the extras offered by vendors (that they’ll be able to select from the list, and users will be able to search listings by them), the downside is that in addition to selecting them, vendors will have to define extras manually (with prices) in the existing Extras feature added by Marketplace.

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