Time automatically changes on Safari after entering in any time field

We are experiencing a bug with Time field in Safari, if you set it to 12:00 AM and save, it always changes to 6:09 PM after page reload.

Steps to reproduce

  • Open any form that contains Time field in Safari (for example User_Update or Listing_Update with “BOOKING AVAILABLE FROM” field enabled or Opening Hours extension enabled)
  • Set Time field value to 12:00 AM
  • Save Changes
  • Refresh the page

Actual result

Time field value changes to 6:09 PM

Expected result

Time field value should stay the same 12:00 AM

Extra details

This bug happens in both Safari for MacOS and Safari for iOS.
In Google Chrome and Firefox everything works fine.
In Tor Browser there is similar issue, but instead of changing value to 6:09 PM it just make it empty.
This issue affects “Open 24/7” functionality in Opening Hours extension, all “from” fields change to 6:09 PM after page refresh.


We checked this issue from our side, and it seems okay. Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

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