Title field formatting

FYI, I’m a beginner WP user. I asked for support with being able to formal listing title depending on listing category. I got a snippet suggestion and was able to install it successfully. I see this title field in listings setting and description: “Set the title display format to generate titles based on attributes. The following tokens are available: %listing%, %vendors%” but I’m still not sure how to format it correctly. Can someone help or give me an example. Thank you


If you need to generate listing title automatically, then please check this doc How to generate listing titles automatically - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you, I resolved this issue

Another question, Is there a way to remove listing title field from front end listing creation form, so it can be correctly formatted by admins when listing is approved based on answers from attributes?


It’s not possible to remove title completely from the listings without code changes but you can change its name by using this code Change the Add Details page title for listings #hivepress #listings · GitHub

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