Tittle in extras

Hi, guys!

I’d like of put a tittle for identify the services extras. Today doesn’t be clear what is that.

I’d like write a title at the space in red, like in the image:


Please try this PHP snippet

	function( $form ) {
			$form['fields']['_extras']['label'] = 'Extra';
		return $form;



Thank you for the solution.

When the customer selects one of the above extra options, the value of the amount is added to the total price. Can you help me with a code snippet so that only 10% of the value of that marked extra price is added?

Gracias por la solución.
Cuando el cliente selecciona una de las opciones extras anteriores se suma el valor del importe al precio total. Me puedes ayudar con un fragmento de código para que se añada solo el 10% del valor de ese precio extra marcado?

Sorry, there’s no simple solution to this, this would require customizations for implementing this custom calculation. I recommend setting a 90% commission in this case or waiting for the “commission only” mode that we plan to add, then only the commission part of the order will be paid online.

Thank you, I, how do I put the commission you tell me at 90%?

When will the plugin update version be on fixed commission?

Thank you very much for the good work you do.

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The “commission only” feature is already implemented, it requires testing so it should be available within a week. You can set the commission rate in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Selling, this will change the vendor’s share but the user will have to pay the full order amount in any case.

I would like to suggest an important improvement that I currently need in case you think it would be interesting to introduce it in future updates. I would like to be able to set a percentage commission on the price that the provider enters. That way when a user makes a booking the owner of the website charges the percentage of the commission only. And the user pays the provider on his own when he does the work. This way the website does not participate in the payment of the booking.
Thanks for the wonderful work you do.

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Quiero sugerir una mejora importante que actualmente yo necesito por si os parece interesante introducirla en futuras actualizaciones. Me gustaría que se pueda establecer un porcentaje de comisión sobre el precio que el proveedor introduce. De esa manera cuando un usuario realice la reserva el propietario de la web cobra el porcentaje de la comisión solo. Y el usuario paga por su cuenta al proveedor cuando realice el trabajo. Así la web no participa en el cobro de esa reserva.
Gracias por el maravilloso trabajo que hacéis.

Thanks, this is the exact same feature that we plan to implement, if your customers/vendors can pay directly or in person then you’ll be able to charge the commission part only.

thank you very much ihor
when do you think it will be ready ?
will it be for the next update?

muchas gracias ihor
para cuando crees que estará ?
sera para la próxima actualización?

Yes, it should be available in the next Marketplace version.

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