To export listings which attribute is for image link?

In a xml file which field mapping is for the image link of a single listing?

This question is related to: How to make the first image from a listing be the image on Products>All Products tab image column?

Please let me know which tool you use for exporting listings, default importer or the advanced plugin like WP All Import? By default, the featured image is saved in a standard WordPress meta field _thumbnail_id

I’m using the plugin Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce to export all the listings to google merchant center, but I cant find the listing image

It’s set in the same custom meta field as WordPress usually stores the featured image ID, but if it’s a WooCommerce-specfic plugin it may not fetch images because it probably checks products, not listings.

Yes the plugin check products, I have another product with image and for it works well but for listings don’t.

HivePress uses WooCommerce products for checkout and payment purposes only, so it generates a hidden linked product for each Marketplace listing, but this linked product doesn’t duplicate all the listing details, it just syncs the price.

so ins’t a way to transform an listing in a product? Or transform listing’s first image to the product image?

If you mean a WooCommerce product, unfortunately there’s no such option because HivePress uses WooCommerce for payments only (by generating a linked hidden WooCommerce product for each listing that can be purchased). HivePress doesn’t use WooCommerce product pages or other layouts, it implements its own listings, vendors, etc. It works this way because HivePress can be also used without WooCommerce, if payments are not required.

Syncing the listing and product details is possible, but this would require a custom implementation.

Hello Ihor, can we export an excel with custom vendor attributes fields? We are using User Import Export for WooCommerce Add-on PRO by webtoffe This pluging let us export users based on roles and custom meta, but we don’t know which meta could be assingned to the attributes.

It’s possible to export vendor profiles, they are stored as “hp_vendor” custom post type. I can’t say for sure about third-party plugins, you can check their settings (advanced plugins like WP All Import should allow this).

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