Token in Email Template didnt work

Hello all,

I wanted to create an email template for when a user has received a message. There are the tokens %sender%, %recipient% and %message%. And all tokens unfortunately do not work for me and are not replaced in the mail.

Do you have any idea what I could do wrong?

Best regards

Sorry for the confusion, we’ll try to improve the docs - these are the “object” tokens and they require a field name, so you can use them this way:


These tokens were added as a workaround for a limited list of regular tokens, this way it’s possible to access any field of the sender, recipient or message.

Hey ihor,

thanks for your answer!
But now when I use the following tokens, it still does not work:

The tokens are no longer displayed, but they are not replaced either.

Best regards

Please let me know what details are required in the Message Received email and I’ll suggest tokens, there are some limitations if you use the object-like tokens (they have a limited number of fields).

Hey ihor,

thanks a lot for your help!
I would like to output once the username from which a private message comes and I would like to point once to the link to the message.

Best regards

Please try these tokens:


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