Top up the HivePress Store account

Hello Ihor and the team,

Kindly create Top up account for us to be able to fund our purchases easily. Most especially we users of your products from Nigeria we are having serious challenges doing online transactions with our Master Card. For instance we cannot transact beyond 20 dollars on our Master Card in a month. And you can see that to get opening hours extension is going to be difficult. GPay is not also available and with us PayPal is not friendly.

You can consider us by creating internal wallet that we can fund with dollar using our Master Card. This is realistic I believe because Namecheap does the same and I host with them.

Thank you ahead.

Thanks for your feedback, if I understand correctly you mean purchases in the HivePress Store, and not the HivePress extension’s functionality? If so please try contacting Paddle, they manage all the payments for our store, we don’t fully control the payment methods, limits, etc. Contact | Paddle

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