Translating field validation errors

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I would like to know if there any ways to make the translation of the notifications (error messages) for the required fields with loco translate?

Some of them are given in additional snippets - is it possible to translate them with loco (not directly in the snippet?)

and some of them are somewhere in the HP system files (but I can’t find them in the Loco translate) - how can I translate them with loco translate?

For example these once:

Please fill out this field” - from the snippet that makes some field required in the user profile page.

Please select an item in the list” - this is from the vendor’s profile page (Войти — GeoTask) category choice field.

Thank you in advance.

To translate the strings from custom snippet, it is needed code customization, for example, with this function

If you are not familiar with the code customization, then please consider hiring someone for custom work

If the string is provided by HivePress plugin and some HivePress extension/theme, then please check this string in Loco Translate/Plugins or Loco Translate/Themes.

Here is a tutorial on how to change/translate strings with Loco Translate

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