Translation doesn't work

I’m using experthive theme
Everything works fine but
When I try to translate these words below it’s doesn’t work even that I translate theme correctly.
they are still dispalying in english

Usernmae or email
Don’t have an account yet?
Forget Pasword

Please ensure you translate these in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress (not Loco/Themes/ExpertHive). These are the core strings, and unless there are customizations, the translation should work. You can also try to re-scan the strings (there’s a Sync button in the translation editor).

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I noticed that there is two registration form
The first is translated correctly but the second not
The second form displays when you click on list à service button.
I really don’t know how to translate it.

If you translated the registration form in Loco Translate, it should be translated everywhere on your site. Please send a link to your site or a screenshot of the List a Service button. If you mean the button on the Home page, maybe it’s still linked to the demo site?

Here is the link

The form is still on English

Let me know if the issue is resolved, the form seems to be translated Screenshot by Lightshot

The problem is resolved but Ho did you resolve it?

I haven’t made any changes, just checked your site. Maybe there’s some caching plugin or solution that causes the delay between back-end and front-end changes?

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thank you so much, I was having trouble findind where is the “reply” for reviews located because it doesn’t show up anywhere and was just clicking in the sync button to show up in the “hivepress reviews” plugin section.

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