Translation of "All Categories" ignored in filter (sidebar)

The translation of the string “All Categories” with Loco Translate has no effect. Other strings work fine, but this one seems to be ignored. No matter the translation, it’ always displayed “All Categories”.

Steps to reproduce

Add a new language in Loco Translate
Translate the string “All Categories” with Loco Translate to something else (i.e. “All Genres”)
Save the translation
The translated string is not being displayed, instead hivepress still displays “All Categories”

Actual result

Translated string is not being displayed.

Expected result

Correct display of the string entered in Loco Translate

Extra Details

What’s funny is, is that when translating the plugin to German in Loco Translate, the “All Categories” changes to “Alle Kategorien”. So that’s great, BUT if you need another string (as in my case) this does not really help. Perhaps the “All Categories” is something that is overriden by a similar string in the WordPress core?

I’ve been playing around a bit and figured out that the translation for “All Categories” gets updated to the string defined in Loco Translate when editing a HP category entry. So click on “Listings” > “Categories” and then edit one of the categories. Then the string “All Categories” shows the correct translation. Not sure what the underlying issue is here …


Please try to click Sync in Loco Translate and again Save this translation.

Thanks, I did click Sync a few times, but it didn’t help. So the only thing that helped was editing one of the categories and hit save. Apparently a bigger update must happen in the background so that the translated string gets displayed correctly. Don’t know the mechanism behind it, but it works.

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