Two listing monetization models on the same website with different categories

I am using Marketplace and Bookings on Rentalhive. My website has many different listing categories. Some listing categories allow vendors to create listings which users will book on an “per hour basis”, however, there are also categories where vendors listings should be booked on “fixed package price basis”. Is there any solution to have both listing models work on the same website? How?



If you use the Bookings extension rather than Paid Listings, you can limit the time slots to specific categories in the HivePress > Settings > Bookings.

Hi @andrii
Please see screenshot.
Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 22.45.16

The screenshot above is for listings that follow the “per hour basis”. As you can see, I added a php snippet to add a description to the price attribute in order to let vendors know that the price they input is the price per hour.

Now that I have “per hour” listings and also “fixed price listings”, vendors will see this same screenshot when they are listing “fixed price listings”. Any work around to make this work? Thanks


If you use a custom attribute, set this in price display format, for example, this tokens - $%value% / %listing.period% (is an example of how you can use other attributes if the second attribute has the name period).

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Hi @andrii Could you please give full details on how to do this? Do you mean i should create a second “Price Attribute”? (There is already a built in price attribute which comes with marketplace)

If this is what you mean, how do i make the “second newly created price attribute” be the default attribute for specific categories?


It all depends on how the price field is implemented, but it is possible to use the value of one attribute in the display format of another.

As for your question about displaying the price, we are sorry for the confusion, but unfortunately, this feature is not available in this version of the theme, it requires a custom implementation.

hI @ihor Is there no quick fix for this? I badly need two listing monetization models on my website.

Please describe both pricing options in detail, maybe there’s a workaround, do you mean that you want to offer time-based and day-based bookings within different categories, or by “fixed package” you mean a flat fee without selecting any date/time?

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