Unable to search by state

Hello Andril,

I missed your last response and my previous post topic was automatically closed, but to answer your question (on which demo does the issue happen and how to replicate:

To demo site is this one: https://listinghive.hivepress.io/

As a bit of background, the demo site has 18 listings all in various parts of New York. Searching by location for New York City, will provide the proper results, however if you do a location search for New York state, you will not get any results: See Search Results for “” – ListingHive

This is the exact same issue we’ve been having. We have tried switching from Google to Mapbox, but the issue occurs with both integrations.


Please note that we have disabled regions on the demo version. To ensure that everything works correctly, please make sure that you have configured the regions: How to set up regions - HivePress Help Center

Hi Andril, thanks again for the quick response. To clarify, the issue is not related to regions but only the actual search.

The issue I’m facing (and others have also reported ) is that when we search by state, listings in those states do not appear. We simply get a ‘Nothing Found’ message. However, in the examples I provided there are listings in those states and they should appear.

Using the Hivepress demo site as an example, typing/selecting New York State in the location search shows no result even though there are several listings which should appear.


We still recommend setting up regions and trying the search again, as we don’t have a search by state, only by region.

The search we are referring to the ‘Location’ search. When typing a location such as ‘Texas’ in the location textbox, the expectation is that listings located in Texas will appear. See screenshot below:


I see. This is the search by region feature. Please review the documentation and configure this feature: How to set up regions - HivePress Help Center