Unable to see all listings on map

On the listings page, it doesn’t show all of the listings on the map, just the few listings shown on the current page. So someone looking at the map may think that there are no listings near them. Is there a way to show absolutely every listing on one map?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility as it would cause performance issues with 100+ map markers. The embedded map on the listings page displays only the current page search results so this issue is prevented.

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I’ve looked into this and there are several WordPress map plugins that can show multiple markers without performance issues. They just use clustering so that fewer markers are shown at any one time.

Is it possible to add this as a feature so that it’s possible to show a map of all listings?

I just think that having a map which only shows the few listings on the current page isn’t useful. If someone looks at the map and sees nothing near them then they’re not going to go through several further pages and check the map again to see if there’s any listings near them.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve the UX but unfortunately, there’s no such option in the current version. Clustering would resolve the display issues, but the listing details & coordinates have to be fetched or rendered in HTML anyway, we’d have to set some limit in any case. In the current version the markers are based on the current listing query so there’s a marker for every listing displayed on the current page.

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