Unable to sign in into your personal account


I have a problem with Social Login through #user_login_modal pop up window. When I want to sign in via Google or Facebook through #user_login_modal, it does not log me in, it just redirects me to the same page that I have initiated #user_login_modal from. If I use Social Login through /account/login page, it works regular. Only problem is login via #user_login_modal window.

My website is www.ormar.shop

Could you please help with the issue?

Thank you,


We have checked this issue from our side, seems to be ok.
Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, ensure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

Thanks for reply Andrii.

As I am using managed WP hosting, they have their own integrated cache plugin system that I do not have control over. I have contacted their support and they say that they do not have option to disable caching for logged in users, they are able only to disable particular pages. Is there any solution to this, to disable some pages in order to work?

If not, could you help me with possibility to change #user_login_modal with /account/login for whole page.

For now I have only was able to change this for login link in header, but for other situation like when non logged in user tries to reply to the listing, it is again #user_login_modal that pops out. Is there possibility for every login situation for user to be redirected to the /account/login page.

Thank you in advance for the help
Best regards

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this, please check if they can disable caching completely, then you can use any other caching plugin and have full control over it. If they enable cache for logged-in users there will also be other users, e.g. in the listing process, any dynamic content may cause issues in this case since caching saves every page as static HTML.