Update 1.7.4 and lazy load problem

after updating to v. 1.7.4 images in listing thumbnails don’t load if Lazy Load is active (it worked with v. 1.7.3). How to fix? Thanks


Please provide more details on which lazy load feature you are using and from which plugin, and we will try to help. Also, please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

I do not use lazy load and images don’t show in listing blocks either. A grey background shows instead of images.

I have the same problem! And I haven’t made any changes, but after the update, there’s just a grey background instead of images on the listings search page.
I am using also W3 Total Cache, TinyPNG - JPEG compression and Autoptimize. But if I deactivate them, it doesn’t change anything.
Please help as soon as possible!

Best regards


I disabled Lazy load in W3 Total Cache and it works for me now, I can see the images in the listing blocks, but I’m waiting for a bug fix to be able to re-enable Lazy Load… or maybe something to set up to make it work…? I did not change anything, after the update the images were not loaded in listing block (but they were loaded in the listing details).

Thanks for the details, we’ll release a quick fix for this. I assume this issue occurs for websites installed some time ago because previously we recognized any images uploaded for a listing as the gallery images and in this update these are restricted to the Images field only.