Updates Roadmap for HiivePress

As declared earlier, can we expect the updates roadmap today (Monday)??


Yes, we have published a RoadMap for our main extension so far, you can check it out here HivePress Roadmap (01/02/2024) – Asana. I think within 2-3 weeks we will publish the same RoadMap for all other extensions.

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That’s great. I request if you could notify me when the next updates program is published. I will be thankful for the same … keep doing the good work!

Hi Andrii,

I don’t see the option to click on the username and be redirected to the profile page in the roadmap. Is this feature planned?

Is there any implementation of a PayPal version of Stripe Connect? (I emailed support about this)


Yes, we plan to add this feature, but it will be published in the Roadmap for each extension. For example, we may first add a link to the users’ page for the Messages extension, and then for the Reviews extension, etc.


Yes, this feature will be published in the Marketplace extension Roadmap.

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