Updating existing listings

If I’m updating an existing listing, do I need to have every map column filled out on the CSV, or just the ones that I want to update? As an example, if I’m updating the description, do I also need to include categories, images, location, etc. if the live listing already has this data, or can I just list the updated description alongside the post ID?

It looks like I have to include all of the typically required items, such as category and location. That said, I’m attempting to update an existing live listing and it’s not working. Are there known issues with this feature?

Yes, if you use the Import extension in the current version all the required fields should be set on every import, even if the listing is updated, but thanks for your feedback, it makes sense to add some option to select specific fields to be updated not just the ID field for matching. Currently this feature can be used if you have an external CSV kept up-to-date, so you can sync it from time to time with the website, this way it’ll also always contain the required fields that require mapping.

@ihor I’m having an issue with the update existing listing feature. It seems that the content in the description cell is too long. I’m trying to import 1,200+ words as well as some HTML/CSS but it won’t update the listing even though it says the listing has been successfully imported. When I try to update an existing listing with the word “Test” it works just fine. How do I get around whatever character limit is in place? The description cell in this case has just under 14,000 characters.

The default description limit is 10,240 characters, if you need to increase it please try this code snippet Change maximum length of title and description for listings #hivepress #listings · GitHub

Thanks Ihor.

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