Use the WooCommerce account page

i want to use native woocommerce only, i could hide and customise everythign to my liking but how to remove the “Orders” hive link
please give me the php snippet so the orders are simply shown in the normal woo commerce function like subscriptions and the other links so it stays consistent.

I simply want that the Orders page is again fully woocommerce native that is all.

thank you in advance


Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this, and this would break many HivePress features since they are not available in the WooCommerce account dashboard. HivePress fetches the Orders page and merges it into its account dashboard automatically.

yes i can deactivate all the hive features since i only need the listing without anything else.
so please point me into the right direction so i can go live, this is the last step on my website before we can go live.

thank you in advance

If you use at lease Messages or Favorites users will not be able to access those sections either, also the Listings page for managing listings.

Please let me know if you mean un-merging the Orders page from the HivePress account, so it wouldn’t redirect to the HivePress account page, or there’s another solution?

un-merging the Orders page from the HivePress account, so it wouldn’t redirect to the HivePress account page

yes this sounds perfect

there will never be messages or favourite users and a dedicated team will manage in a professional consistent way the listings, so yes we really do not need this functionality
but we could still be a great reference/testimonial for your plugin

Please try this PHP snippet

remove_action('wc_get_template', [ hivepress()->woocommerce, 'set_account_template' ], 10, 2 );

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really thankful for the great support and as soon we are live i will get back to your team to discuss further cooperation

thank you

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Dear yevhen,

everything is almost done but i run into a few big challenges with the login modal, the login form when signing in has this challenges:
no login limiter possible i did try 3,
not possible to easy customise text or content or display,
only recaptcha possible that everyone hates and slows down everything (at least version v3 would be good or cloudflare captcha)

can you please give me the remove action snippet that removes the hive login sign in?
so it simply goes back to the wordpress login? i know it will probably break many things but i need to try since it is probably more easy to remove the php action then to implement cloudflare turnstyle captcha to hive right? (Simple Cloudflare Turnstile — The new user-friendly alternative to CAPTCHA – WordPress plugin |
so i hope this is possible to change back to wordpress login modal and maybe this will work better for me

thank you in advance

as posted in the other post:

  • Google’s reCAPTCHA is a performance killer. I’ve seen it drop mobile scores by over 30 points by itself. It loads 12 scripts at a total size of 480 KB, which is huge. The important thing is not to use it sitewide. At most, make sure this is only loading on your contact page. However, most contact form plugins have anti-spam and honeypot measures already built-in. If yours doesn’t, you can use a free plugin like WP Armour or Simple Cloudflare Turnstile. Therefore, I recommend not using Google’s reCAPTCHA.

Thank you for reporting this issue. This feature is already in development stage, and it will be released as soon as possible. Unfortunately, no simple solution exists to change HivePress login with WordPress login entirely. It requires advanced customization

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