User and vendor registration process


I’m having some difficulty understanding the process for becoming a host/contributor. In the admin settings, I’ve enabled the option to become a host only after posting a listing. When I’m logged in as a user and click on ‘add a listing’, I’m redirected to the host’s profile page. If I choose the host’s category and click on a page without having validated my profile (just by selecting my category) and then click again on the ‘add listing’ button, I am redirected to the add listing page. This creates several issues because the user’s profile is considered validated without clicking any button, and a category is assigned without their knowledge, with no option to modify it.

Additionally, I would like to address another issue. When I allow users to become contributors without posting a listing in the admin settings, I encounter a problem. On the profile page, if a user selects a category, they are immediately considered a contributor without the need to validate their profile and fill in the other required fields, even though I have set certain fields as mandatory.

Furthermore, for a standard user account, I have made first and last names mandatory. However, in a similar manner, I found that users are able to send messages without having completed these mandatory fields. This inconsistency in the requirement and validation of user profile information is quite troubling.

Could you please assist in resolving these issues?

Thanks in advance.


  1. Most likely, because your category is the only required field, and it is automatically saved when you switch, so when you click on Add Listing for the second time, the Complete Profile step is skipped (since the category has already been set previously). If you have at least one other required field, you will not be able to skip the Complete Profile step until you fill in that field.

  2. Yes, that’s right, the role is automatically switched when you try to become a vendor, but thanks for the feedback, we will fix it in the next update.

  3. Please note that all data is validated at the registration stage, i.e. those users who were already registered before you made these settings can only go to the settings and fill in these fields on their own, you cannot force them to do so. As for new users, they will not be able to register until they fill in these fields.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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