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When a user is not on my site, a message with a confirmation link does not come to him in a regular email message, but in the Spam folder, how do I make sure that the user receives a regular message and that it does not fall into the Spam folder? Maybe there is some simple plugin for user registration that is compatible with HivePress? I have been investing money in the site for 2 weeks, I am constantly developing it, there is no sense, not one person has not submitted an ad, it feels like they simply cannot register on my site. What should I do? Help.

Hi! If your emails going to spam, need to inspect some thing:1. you using smtp plugin. If yes, it’s okay. I use “bit smtp” it’s very simple, and you can set custom email provider. 2. you have cname ant txt records correctly added (get this from your hosting service) these are not 100% needed, but increasing deliverability.

I downloaded and installed the BIT SMTP plugin . Please tell me what needs to be entered in the SMTP Host?

MTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host. Failed to connect to server

the smtp host is your email address what you created, for ex.:
smtp password: your email login password
Encryption: SSL
Port: 465
Some provider not support tls, and your emails will never be sent.
SMTP Authentication: Yes
on the top, click enable mail, and then send a test email for yourself (you can directly send from bit smtp, click on Email Test)

And why am I not sending a message?

Oh sorry for that, but in the SMPT Host field need to put your Outgoing server (SMTP) name, I have my server at Hostinger, and my host is: <–put yours here. log in to your server account, and find your email protocols info. Sorry again…

Hey! As I see on the screenshot, you use simple gmail. Why you select the other smtp function as a Mailer? Select Google-Gmail, your smtp host is: Anyway, I don’t recommend to use Gmail as a business mail, it gives a non-professional look.

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate

Try SSL-465 if it not works, I can’t help you, because I don’t use gmail. Google it!

Solved the problem with the Easy WP SMTP plugin. Please tell me, do you use the standard login and registration form on the site from HivePress or do you use some kind of plugin for this? It seems to me that the current form of entry and registration is not very convenient for users, especially for people of mature age. How can I make the registration and login form on the site more convenient and simple? Is some kind of plugin of the login and registration form for the site compatible with HivePress? Tell me please.

I using hivepress, and hivepress free plugins. If I need a new function, I trying on my staging website first. I have an other website too (under testing) and I have installed a simple tour plugin, to show how is my website working. This plugin only pop up once, when it detect a new ip. If the user close, or finish the tour, it not popping up again. On pc or laptop I don’t see problem with the login, or others, (I ask my family for try) but on mobile, maybe not so clear that hamburger, or the + button. I have improvised some elements to make larger, or for more contrast, with css customizing. But you can make a help section menu, and show that “Need help? Click here” button with a popup form.

And how do I create a help section menu with a pop-up form? Tell me please

During the two weeks of my site’s existence, 15 people have registered on it and not one has submitted an ad. I think that it is very inconvenient for people to register and submit ads on my site due to the fact that the standard login and registration form on the site is very inconvenient, and in the mobile version it is not clear to the average user at all where to click to register and submit an ad. Please tell me some options that will simplify the registration on the site and the submission of an ad.

In general, is any login form plugin compatible with HivePress? Is it possible to create a simpler registration on the site?

First thing: you need to popularize your website everywhere. FB, similar websites as yours, cross linking, etc. if there is no content on a classified advertising site, why they advertising on your site, if there is no “guests” ? Second: if you have about 15 users registered, but no adverts, maybe they failed to add listings, because of… My other website is a Dating website. It lokks everything ok, but when I asked my daughter to register on my site (test it) she cannot click in the register field, because my cookie policy plugin disabled somehow. Its a concrete problem, but I recommend test your site from every aspect, from different pc, mobile, win and linux, never log in as admin, try to register, add listings, buy premium package, using test card, etc. But to return to the original problem. If you want a clear and understandable registration, make a new page, and call it: Registration. Go, edit that page with the block editor, add a title (Register Now or what you want), and add a new block-> + add block search for Hivepress user register block, and add. Save your page, now your users can click on a separated Register Now button, on your website top menu. If you want, try some wordpress registration form plugin, but I recommend you make a staging website first, and try with that. If you don’t know what is staging, you need to read about that.

Thanks! I took the registration form to a separate page and installed it in the top menu of the site, in the computer version and in the mobile version, it became more convenient when opening the drop-down menu list. Please tell me, is there any way to attract new registered sellers to the widget? I have a dating ads site, I want new registered users to be displayed on my ads page in a side widget.

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