User submitted vs. host submitted listings

A bit of a strange question but one of the last things I’m trying to tackle is figuring out if there’s a way to allow users to submit a listing but NOT be the host of that listing AND not have the listing be available to be booked (since they’re not the owner of the place, they shouldn’t be able to earn any money from someone booking it).

This way a user-submitted place can be part of a “free” discovery network but the owner of the space can claim the spot through the “Claim Listing” extension.

Ideally, a user-submitted listing (not a host-submitted listing) would get listed under “RentalHive Space” / “Crowdsourced Space” or something like that, while someone who’s a host gets the listing listed under their own profile/name.


Something I thought that could maybe work is if there’s some logic to the “Add a Listing” submission form, where for example, someone has to indicate whether they are the owner or a user of the space – and then the rest of the form gets modified based on what they answer there…?

Otherwise, it would be to include a field where they specify this information and then manually approve/modify the listing (and the assigned host) based on the provided information. I think this would create a lot of extra work as the platform scales, hence why worth asking if there’s another way I haven’t thought of or don’t know about :slight_smile:

Sorry, there’s no such feature at the moment, but if you mean using Claim Listings to allow the listing owners claim their listings there may be a simple code snippet that hides the booking form unless the listing is marked as Verified (this status is also set once the listing is claimed). Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Ihor,
It would be worth a shot! I didn’t think of that - but it makes sense (in my case at least) that only a verified host can offer and accept bookings.

No worries, @yevhen will post the snippet in this related topic Booking Feature Hidden if Attribute Set to "No" - #3 by Rachelle

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