Users don't receive verification email

When a user tries to log in from his account, after he presses the log in button, it shows a text to check the email to activate his account, but the user doesn’t receive an email to activate his account.
If a client registers or wants to reset his password he will get a verification email but when he has to activate his account he doesn’t get the email. If I go to Hivepress > Settings > Users and deactivate the option to ask for the confirmation on email, it doesn’t show the text to activate his account anymore. Btw I’m using WP Mail SMTP and followed all the instructions from the tutorial.

I don’t understand why the account must be activated in the first place, maybe because the account was made before I turned on the checkbox (ask for the confirmation on email when registering) ?


Please try to change this email event in HivePress > Emails How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center, this email may be filtered as spam.

You can disable this feature HivePress > Setiings > Users, but for those users who registered while this feature was enabled, you will need to verify their email manually.

Also, please check this tutorial How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center (you may have incorrectly configured emails).

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I don’t see any event for activating your account, only Email Verification. If a user wants to reset his password or after registering he receives the email to verify the email, but he doesn’t receive an email to activate his account. The email also doesn’t go on the spam filter area.

Yes, the account activation is the same as the email verification so you can try using this email event. There’s no other required activation action for user accounts at the moment.

Let me explain, so that you can understand better. My friend recently made an account on my website. He got the email verification on his email, everything was good, until he wanted to log in, this is what he received Screenshot by Lightshot , it says that he must confirm his email in order to activate his account. I’ve already made the event for the email verification, when I go to Hivepress > Settings > Users and deactivate the option to ask for the email verification, it doesn’t show the text to activate his account anymore. I can deactivate the option if this is my only solution, but it was for the security of my website :slight_smile: . Thank you very much!

I was gone through same situation after that I came to know that my website was unable to send a mail. the problem was from hosting. Email sending button was turned off at hosting.

But all of the events works perfectly, only that single event which you must confirm your email in order to activate your account doesn’t work.

Please let me know if your friend clicked the email verification link in the received email, what was the result, any errors, or redirect to another page, etc? There should be a “Thanks, your account is verified…” page.

The problem is that the email verification didn’t arrived to his email account, not even in the spam page. But all of the events are working, only this event doesn’t work in which ‘‘you must confirm your email in order to activate your account’’.
If a user registers to my website, he gets the email verification on his email account. After a few days, if the same user wants to log in to my website, he gets a red note (Screenshot by Lightshot ) saying ‘‘he must confirm his email in order to activate his account’’, but he doesn’t receive the email on his email account.

This may be an issue on the email provider side, if keywords in the email are detected as 99% spam it will not be delivered at all. Please try changing this email subject and/or text and test again (e.g. register as a new user), also make sure that SMTP is set up (or integration with Gmail, Sengrid…) because with the default PHP mailer some emails may be delivered, but others will not be delivered at all.

I messaged them and they said there is no problem with the email delivery, I can also track the emails with the ‘‘Track Delivery’’ tool from cPanel and the email delivery report doesn’t even show that the email was sended or it was an error with the delivery. I’m using other SMTP mailer. I’ve tried to change the email subject and the text, still nothing. :grimacing: The only problem is with this email that is not sending, but the same event works when the user is registering up, so… I don’t know

Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue and we’ll check it. You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |


I have a similar issue.

When a new user signs up on my website the verification email gets send out, but at the same time (even before the user clicked the verification link in the email) a second email is sent out that says account activated successfully.

I had several users that were confused because they read that there accounts have already been activated. They then wanted to log in but received the error which @silviu2k stated above. The account must be activated first.

I don’t know why both emails are sent out simultaneously. Is there a way to stop this behavior and only send out the second email (account activated successfully) when the user clicked the link in the first email.

Thank you for your help

Good day sir, pls I have three issues to fix. I’ve tried all I can

  1. I cannot view users profile from backend. It says “nothing found”
  2. Users cannot verify their account from their mail. As before, when a user registers, a link will be sent to their mail for verification.
  3. Also when a guest makes a booking it doesn’t give him the option to pay now, it only confirms the booking.

Pls if I can send you the login info so you can help us look at it. Thanks


This is a minor bug; we plan to release an update by the end of the week to fix it.
As a temporary solution, you can overwrite the register email event and leave it blank as a temporary solution.


  1. If you click on view in WP Dashboard > Users, that’s fine (by default, you should have a blog page after you click to view).

  2. Please ensure you set up emails correctly, you can check this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center.

  3. Please try to re-save the listing where this issue occurs.

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