Using Hive Press for both Listings and Events in the same site

Hi, I have set up HivePress to have several events categories and several ordinary listings categories, with appropriate attributes for both. The site also has to allow front-end submission. I want to create links or buttons for front-end submission where the user chooses whether the submission is for an event or a listing before seeing the subcategories and forms for each. I hope I am making some sense. Is there a way to create a link for a front-end submission for a particular category?

Yes, if there are different listing types then using separate categories with category-specific fields is the best way to implement this. Unfortunately, there’s no way to pre-select the category using URLs, but users can select it in the listing form, then the form is automatically refreshed and a different will be displayed depending on the selection.

how did you make 2 lisiting types like listings and events in same site did you use and custom post type plugin ? i also want to do can you help me to do so?
thanks in advance

Please try using 2 different top-level categories for this, so you’ll be able to set category-specific fields and search filters in Listings/Attributes. This way there will be 2 different forms for events and other listings, different search criteria, etc.

I did what yevhen suggested. It works fine, but my client wanted a simpler solution. They want the site visitors to all enter their data using the same simple form. They will moderate and choose an appropriate category for all front end submissions. So I used a php code snippet to hide the category field on the submission form.

Thanks A lot for your reply
i want to make site like
where they have many listing typs like b2b2, b2c and many more can you look this site and give any idea how can this be achieved through hivepress listing hive theme

Yes, the only way to do this is using different top-level categories and adding category-specific attributes. This way the category will define the listing type, listings will have different fields and search filters, and details displayed on the listing pages (all these things are defined by category-specific attributes in Listings/Attributes section).

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Thanks A lot i will try this and tell you whether it wored or not
Thanks a lot for your support

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