Using HivePress with other theme

I am looking to change our existing directory site from directories pro to hivepress and could do with some help in ensuring it will meet our needs.

a) The site concerned is not a dedicated directory site , while it contains a directory it provides a lot of additional information including a what’s on guide. Because of this I would like to integrate hivepress into our existing theme which is built using Kadence. Has anyone had any experience using Hivepress with a non Hivepress theme and Kadence and should it be easy to accomplish?

b) Is it possible to display listings based on package, ie featured package listings first followed by standard listings and finally free listings but have the listings within each of those categories appear in a random order each time?

c) while listings can be imported via csv, can records be updated by csv, ie exported from one site and imported into another site containing the same listings which may have been updated, photos changed etc as well importing new listings all without duplicating the existing listings and images.

d) Does hivepress provide automatic annual billing for listings and implement auto downgrading of listing category to free if unpaid.

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.


In order to integrate our extensions into a side theme, please check out this doc: Compatibility with third-party themes - HivePress Help Center

As for the features you have described, unfortunately, we do not have them, it would require a custom implementation.

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