Using locations as categories

My apologies if this question has been asked before.

I would like to create a directory containing only one type of business. The idea is to have locations as categories so users can choose a province on the left and then a city to see a list of every Japanese restaurant in the city on the right, for example. Is this doable with the HivePress plugin? If you could give me the right direction to do what I described, I would really appreciate it.


We recommend using the Geolocation extension for this purpose, please check this doc How to set up Geolocation - HivePress Help Center

Thank you for your reply. I’m aware of the geolocation and how to set it up.
My project is to gather all Japanese restaurants in my country for example. So, my category will have only one category which is “Japanese restaurants”. It looks kind of weird that I only have one category so I would like to do that differently by listing all cities as categories and when a web user browses a list of Cities(on the left), a list of Japanese restaurants for the city will be displayed on the right for example. Is this possible with this plugin? or I should be looking elsewhere?


You can disable the Geolocation extension and create multiple categories for your listings, depending on the cities. Then, when searching, the client can select a city, and if restaurants are in this city, they will be displayed in your search.

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