Variable prices and fixed dates

I bought the booking and marketplace plugins for variable prices. I have them enabled and inserted in the ad, but front-end are not seen.
Also, I would like to know if it is possible to post ads with fixed dates?
Example a 7-night stay package from day xx to day yy.
I have also closed the sales on the other dates but in the calendar the display is limited to January 2023.
I can’t understand the integration with woocommerce.

If you have both HivePress Marketplace & WooCommerce installed, please enable variable prices in HivePress/Settings/Bookings. Then if you click any date or select a date range in the calendar, a “price tag” button will appear at the top, you can then set a custom price for the selected date(s).

Unfortunately there’s no way to include dates instead of excluding them (by default all dates are available, and you have to block dates, not vice versa) but we plan to add a new calendar mode for this, it seems to be useful for events and tours since they have specific dates, unlike properties for rent.

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