Vendor Account: include Names of users on BOOKING and ORDER page

Feature request for VENDOR ACOUNTS: please include the Names of users requesting a booking on the booking page/block and order page/block.

I launched a site two months ago and we are really glad to help our vendors with this awesome product. The only problem: now that bookings flow in, our hosts can’t manage them properly.

Even we are super confused. The main reasons:

  • there are no FULL NAMES of USERS on the booking block/page (/account/bookings/) and order block/page (/account/orders/). It is a real hassle to understand who made a booking. We are literally making phone calls to explain it to hosts.

  • having a booking page AND an order page is very confusing. Why: because the BOOKING NUMBER and ORDER NUMBER are not the same. I understand the issue with Woocommerce, and we will rename the page to “order receipts” as suggested by Ihor. We will also have to hide the order numbers in order to reduce confusion. If the NAMES are on both pages, EVERYTHING gets much easier.

Please consider adding the Name block asap. I still don’t know if this is an issue on our side or if this is missing in general. I understand the crazy amount of requests you receive and the priorities but this is truly a core functionality to this product. At least managing bookings should work without hassle.

PS: maybe you could create a Premium Booking Extension that include further features for businesses?

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Hello Ihor,

thank you! I just checked again and want to share exact feedback for improvement. First we must distinguish between Bookings (include all requests) and Orders (only completed and paid bookings):

I have only the information available on the page
/account/bookings/ with the lists of all bookings.

*Booking number
*Link to Listing
*Option to send message

NAME of USER: The Name of the User requesting a Booking reduces confusion and is very helpful.

Then once you click on one specific Booking you arrive on the following page:

Left side:
*Booking number

  • Link to listing
  • Status


  • Note by the client
  • Booking Note

Right Side:

  • Dates
  • Total Price


  • Send Message Button
  • View Order
  • Cancel Booking

NAME of USER: The Name of the User requesting a Booking reduces confusion and is missing here as well.

I have only the information available on the page
/account/vendor/orders with the lists of all orders.

  • Order/Booking number
  • Total Price
  • Status
  • Order Date

NAME of USER: The Name of the User requesting a Booking reduces confusion and is missing here as well.

Then once you click on one specific Order you arrive on the following page:
/account/vendor/orders/xxxxx with the details of the order.

  • Posted on (Date)
  • “Bought by First Name”
  • Booking Price
  • Booking Note
  • Pricing details
  • Note by customer

BOOKING DATES: The Booking dates are not displayed. This reduces confusion enormously.
MESSAGE CUSTOMER: The ability to message the Buyer would be helpful!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve Bookings with every update. I finally found a reason for the missing customer’s name, it’s a bug in the RentalHive theme only (not the extension). Please use this CSS snippets as a temporary fix:
.hp-booking .hp-listing__created-date {display:block!important}

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Thank you very much for looking into it and for the reply with snippet @ihor!

The code showed the detail immediately. It shows the first name for most bookings. I will look into the HP settings to see if it can display first name and last name constantly. If there is anything to keep in mind, please let me know.

This is at least something to begin with and to celebrate today. :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to the next updates. The vendor dashboard details and the calendar synchronisation will truly improve the booking management experience for our vendors. We are receiving this feedback constantly.

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I agree with you, and I voted for this proposal to be integrated during the next update of the free version of the theme.

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Yes, you can change the Display Name to Full Name in HivePress/Settings/Users, then updated and new users will have the full name displayed. The downside is that the full name will also be displayed in reviews and messages. Another way would be overriding the booking date template part via a child theme and customizing it.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you @ValentinGratz - it will improve the management of bookings and @ihor and team are aware of it. Really can’t wait for further improvements since we should make it really easy for vendors/hosts to manage bookings or they simply won’t use - which means they won’t use our service and we lose customers.

@ihor thank you! I actually have the FULL name in the settings. The issue I have is to actually receive first and last names from the users (customers). They register with email and username only (unlike vendors). They can add the first and last name later but few follow through.

If you can share a snippet to add the first and last name to the user registration, that could help create customer accounts with first and last names (Our vendors want to know with whom they are dealing with - basically solving trust issues).


The management of the bookings should be simple, clear and on point - with all necessary info at hand to make a vendors life - and ours - easy:

  • booking dates on order page
  • first name and last name of customer
  • email on booking page
  • phone on booking page
  • Ideally, one booking number that can be tracked in the backend (if necessary at all?)
  • option to message customer on order page (if order page is necessary at all ?)
  • image avartar (not super important but nice to have later on)

Note: the way bnb solves it is interesting and might be a solution. Basically everything is based around the Inbox with the Messaging functionality. A booking arrives as a notification and all info I attached to it. There is not even a booking number (only a confirmation code). This could also improve the user experience on the phone.

Our current solution:

  • Rename page link in vendors account: “bookings” becomes “booking requests”
  • Rename page link in vendors account: “order” becomes “Completed bookings”

Again, huge thanks for this great product and I am very grateful to have found it. Please don’t stop! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll try to improve the booking UX. You can use this snippet for the first & last name fields Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub Renaming menu items may be possible via Loco Translate. We’d gladly get rid of the Orders but WooCommerce creates a new order for every payment, so we have to show these as payment confirmations.

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Thank you Ihor!

For now: we will have to adapt and I will use whatever you guys can make work with every implementation.