Vendor Attributes link to profile settings

Hi to everyone,

The search attributes for sellers is also applied to the personal profile settings.

Is it possible to separate the profile fields in a unique way ?

Please make sure that the user you’re testing is not a vendor, vendor attributes are specific to vendors only (they appear in the profile form if you mark attributes as Editable). A user becomes a vendor if they add at least 1 listing and it’s approved, or if you allow direct vendor registration then users can register as vendors via the /register-vendor URL.

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Thank you Ihor :slight_smile:

Where can I find the /register-vendor page for direct vendor registration? Not sure if I erased it because I do not see it.

Hi aqmiami7

I think that you have to create a custom URL link in your menu (header or other).
I tested 2 things that didn’t works but in my case it’s not a problem I let the login system by default.

  • Create a custom url in your menu
  • Add /register-vendor to your site URL (, normally it will create another login page for vendors > didn’t works for me but you can test it anyway.
  • Write only “/register-vendor”

Hope it will help :slight_smile:


Thank you! I followed your steps and it worked. You have to create a new user account to test the link.

Once you click on the link it opens the vendor direct registration page. It has the following fields for entry:

Complete Profile

Select Image

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Nevermind ihor with this question, I see the direct vendor registration form now thanks to Julien!

Is there any way to customize this vendor registration form? For example, ask for their email or phone number. This can maybe be useful to my site, as I can place a “Become a host” (preferably as a button link), and this can give me leads as to who is thinking about or may want to list their property.

But either way, the person automatically becoming a vendor (host) when they add a listing, works too. But the direct vendor registration page can be used to capture leads.


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Nice !!!

Okay so there was why it didn’t works. I tested with a vendor profile…

I will know how to do when I’ll apply this login procedure :slight_smile:

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By the way it also works if you place the link inside a page. For instance, I added a button with the link inside of it, on one of my pages.

However, when I tested it with a new user account, I noticed that when I press the the category button (the only one that is mandatory to choose), it auto saves and makes the user automatically a vendor, even if they don’t press the submit button. Not sure why it does this.

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Please try adding custom vendor attributes in Vendors/Attributes section, if you mark them as Editable, they’ll appear in the Complete Profile form. If you also mark them as Required this way you can require filling extra details before adding the first listing, or registering as a vendor.

Thanks for reporting the category issue, do you mean that when you switch categories in the vendor registration form vendor gets the profile automatically? Please check if this profile has the Published or Draft status.

Thanks for the info on attributes. I will add some.

If the user clicks on the vendor direct registration page’s category dropdown, they are not automatically added as a vendor. However, once they try to open the direct registration page link a second time (after first clicking on the category before), then their vendor profile is automatically created and it is done so in Published status.

So I made attributes required. But I noticed that the vendor is not added automatically or even vendor pending status, after they complete the vendor direct registration.

It is only after the person submits a listing or clicks on the vendor direct registration link again that they are automatically given vendor status. Is this a bug? It would be nice if they get automatically change to vendor or at least vending pending status on admin board, so I can see who is thinking of becoming a host. Instead of waiting on them to add a listing or click on the direct registration link again.


Yes, if category is the only required field then after selecting it and refreshing the page the Add Details step will be skipped since it’s completed (there are no required fields left). If you add required attributes then all of these fields will have to be filled. If you complete the form the vendor profile should be created and it should have the Published status, I added this to the bug tracker and will test this again before the next HivePress update.

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