Vendor can't decline booking request

I am testing the functionally of the bookings extension in conjunction with the expert hive theme.

From the customer side I request a booking for one of the vendor’s listings.

From the vendor’s profile I receive a notification for the booking request and am presented with options to accept or decline the booking or to message the customer.
If I click the option to decline the booking nothing appears to happen. No notification to the customer and the vendor’s booking notification doesn’t go away.

Am I doing something wrong? What should I check for?


Please check this vendor profile in WP Dashboard > Users, this profile should have at least a Contributor role there. If it does not have this role, then most likely this vendor was created manually.

That fixed it. Thank You!!

So, when vendors sign up, are they assigned the role of “Contributor”? It sounds like they are based on your answer. If this is the case, what all does being a “Contributor” allow them to do on the platform?


Yes, if a user becomes a vendor (they have at least one published listing), the role of Contributor is automatically assigned. This is the minimum role in WordPress for a user to be assigned as a content author. But please note that vendors can only edit their own content.

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