Vendors and buyers report/notify when the job is now completed

Hello team, is there a way to allow the vendors and the buyers to notify between them when the job is complete? I mean a notification that the admin also receive via mail, the back end or by any mean when each of them notify that the service is now complete. Not a message between them, i want that the system knows when each one of them report this.

Sorry for my english, i don’t know if i made myself clear

Sure, if you enabled Manual Delivery in the order settings, then once the seller marks it as Delivered, the buyer gets a notification via email, to check the order. If everything is ok the buyer can mark it as Completed, if not then Rejected (seller gets a notification about the status change). Admins are not notified about this in the current version, but they are notified about new orders, or if the order is disputed.

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