Vendors ID confirmations

Hi there,

The idea is to confirm the identity of the vendor

To do it I tried something :
I added an attachement attributes to vendor Profile. In this case he have to send a pic.

When attached and saved, I can see that file is greatly added to the medias library but cannot know who send it.

So I have a suggestion to make HP websites more secure for customer : Add a vendor attribute to they confirm their identity and then have a confirm account icon (can be made manually).

When the pic is send > HP sub menu dedicated to ID request > New id confirmation Request > Approve or Deny > Mail or notification of confirmation to customer.

If this feature already exist, I don’t know the way to do it so I let you tell me how :slight_smile:


Thanks, we plan to implement some features for KYC and checking docs, currently it’s possible if you add a required attribute of Attachment type, but I don’t recommend storing docs in WordPress uploads folder. Also, if you use Stripe Connect it handles KYC on their side, vendors have to provide an ID to set up payouts.

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Thanks ihor I checked this and it’s a great solution waiting HP kyc feature :slight_smile:

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