Vendors submit listings without completing their profiles

I created an attribute that inputs AGE in the Vendor>Attribute Menu. And set that attribute to the required field.

And of course, I did not check Allow direct registration. And, I set the profile image and name fields as mandatory with a little bit of code. The code referenced
How can I make the first name, last name, profile image required,

Now, the expected result is that if they haven’t completed their profile, they shouldn’t be able to access the pages in /submit-listing/details/ without completing their profile in /submit-listing/profile/.
Even if they try to access the /submit-listing/details/ page directly, they should be redirected to /submit-listing/profile/.

When I tested it on PC and mobile, if I didn’t complete the profile, I was normally redirected to /submit-listing/profile/. everything was fine.

But the problem starts now. I don’t understand, but 2 out of 10 vendors submitted their listing without completing their profile. They submitted their listing without completing their profile. I don’t know how the hell this is possible. Why is this? Was there something wrong with our setup?

Please let me know if it’s possible to reproduce the issue, are there any specific steps to skip the Complete Profile page or it always appears? If there’s at least 1 required attribute then it will not be possible to skip this page to add a new listing.

yes. Since there is obviously 1 required attribute, there is absolutely no way the user cannot skip the user profile and go to the listing submission page. Even if the user enters /submit-listing/details/ in the address bar, they are redirected to /submit-listing/profile/.


This is how it should work by default if there is at least one required attribute, so this step cannot be skipped.

Yes, I think so too. If i have created a mandatory attribute for vendors, User is redirected to the Complete profile page until the attribute is filled in. Of course, even if I test on multiple browsers and multiple devices, the results are same exactly. However, there are still some vendors who submit listings without completing their vendor profile. Almost 3 out of 10 users do. This is giving me a headache. To understand this, what cause can we suspect?

After all, when a user who did not enter the mandatory attribute for vendors accessed /submit-listing/details/, he was not redirected to /submit-listing/profile/. Of course, when I test it, of course it redirects normally. If so, we can only infer that it is not redirected in some browsers and some device models. Any chance of that? I am very confused. Even now, listings with unfinished vendor profiles are still being added. There are also a lot of our users who use 150 dollar Chinese phones.
Isn’t it because Chinese-made phones lack resources and have low processing power, so they can’t redirect?


We need more details to investigate this issue on our side locally. Did the user manage to publish a listing without full registration? If so, please provide us with the steps to take so that we can reproduce the issue locally.

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