Vendors/Users are loged off from their account

Hello Dear Staff Hivepress,

All vendors and also users are automatically loged off after a few moments (second, maximum 1 minute) after logging in. Any ideea why?
I mention that the cache is disabled.

It seems that this problem occurs when the vendor/user accesses the functionalities in his account repeatedly (Dashboard, Listings, Messages, Orders, Settings).

Thank you!

Hi! Have you any security plugin installed? Than can force to log out users.

Hello @Fabricator

I uninstalled the security plugin (WordFence), but the issue persists.

Thank you!


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users. Also, there may be restrictions on the part of the hosting provider, so if the issue persists after all the recommendations have been implemented, I recommend contacting the hosting provider.

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