Verification mail is not working

I want to use email verification on every account sign in in my website but when he finished signing in he doesn’t received any verification email. I use yaysmtp plugin for this. He can receive email for resting the password, but not for verify his mail. What should I do. These photo is what customer receive for the verification he received only rest password


Please check that this feature is not disabled in HivePress > Settings > Users. Also, check if this email is not disabled in HivePress > Emails How to disable emails - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

As you can see it’s turned on. I still have the problem


Please note that only four options can cause this issue, the two I have described, and it can also be caused by a misconfigured mailbox. Also, as a last solution, I recommend disabling all third-party plugins and checking if the problem exists.

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