Video Embed Responsive and Correct Resolution


I used the following CSS I got from this forum to make a Video Embed fit 100% width on the Listing Page.

@media screen and (max-width: 74.99em){
	.hp-template--listing-view-page .hp-listing__attribute iframe{

However on mobile it centers the video 100% but the video width stretches past both ends as seen below:


I would like the Embed Video to appear like this like when after you hit play:

Is there something I’m missing in the CSS?


Please try using a temporary CSS fix suggested in this topic How to make video embed responsive?

Yea, that’s the topic I got the CSS snippet from and it works on desktop but on mobile you can see it stretches past the width of the screen. I want it to come up like the second screenshot I posted after you hit the play button on a video.