Viewing all the orders

Is it possible to view all the orders that been taken place on the front end nor backend of the server?


You can check all orders on the front end side in the Account > Received (or Placed Orders).

Regarding the back end side, you can check all orders in WooCommerce > Orders.

So if im correct as an admin im able to view other people orders from both front and backend via ghe explanation youve provided

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Yes, that’s right, you can view information about orders in the two ways described above.

is there a way to view all the wallets of the vendors? like how much do I need to pay them if i intend to go manually?
I intend on pushing payments every end of the month

Yes, you can view vendor’s balance in a table column of WordPress/Vendors page. I recommend allowing vendors to request payouts, this way they can request payouts once a few months (or once they reach a minimum amount you allow) to avoid extra transaction fees.

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