Want to move tiers to the listing description

I want to move the tiers to the listing description.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do this without code customizations, please let me know if you’re familiar with coding or have a developer - I can provide some general guidance if needed.

I’m familiar with snippets and css.
If you refer to How can I add custom attributes to the grand total price
I’m in need of having a workaround to having tiers and bookings.
1.Have tiers show up somewhere else.
2.Utilize extras but have only one option be chosen and that be the checkout price.
3.Use another listing attribute that will be the checkout price.

Thank you

Unfortunately Bookings have no support for tiers yet, it’s a specific Marketplace feature not integrated with the booking form (we have this on the roadmap though). If you mean moving tiers to another area the easiest way would be probably hiding the existing tier radio buttons via CSS and adding custom radio buttons in a section where you want to show tiers, then you can keep these in sync via JS. This is the easiest way because tiers are inside the purchase form and moving it while splitting the form would be more complex.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ihor,
I was able to change the extras to look like tiers but how do I find the code that adds extra on top of the base price. I want it so that the extra checked becomes the entire price. Where is the math code for price checkout?


Unfortunately, there is no simple code for this; it will require advanced customization, so I recommend waiting for the Bookings update.