Way to charge late fees or post-return damage fees to renter on original method of payment?

Hi All, wondering if you’ve been able to use the theme to charge late fees or other post delivery fees to the renter in someway using the original method of payment? We are using PayPal, but open to other services it needed. Thanks!.

For late fees or overextending time, i let my host hold a security deposit. But my site usually the overtime is an hour or two, not overnight stays so I’m not sure if that will be perfect solution for you

Thanks, yes unfortunately we are trying to make our planform low barrier and accessible to parents of lower SES so holding a deposit upfront won’t be doable financially for our users :frowning:

Unfortunetely there’s no option to charge customers after the booking is made, but there may be a workaround if you use the security deposit option, if you enable it in settings then vendors can define a deposit that will be refunded after the booking is completed and everything is ok.

ihor, is there anyway to make the security deposit just a hold on a credit card, and not an actual charge upfront?

For example, when I rent a car, the rental company usually puts a deposit hold but does not actually charge the credit card upfront.

^ interested to know this too. And do PayPal or Stripe not have a way to hold credit card information and process additional charges to original method of payment? (As per site Terms of Use of course)

As far as I know there’s no easy way to do this because payment services have their own expirations for holding funds, e.g. PayPal allow this for up to 40 days (so making a booking that ends later than 40 days from today wouldn’t be possible, the deposit would be returned earlier).

We’ll check payment method APIs, charging users without their consent is probably not possible, only if they agree to some kind of subscription.

Thanks for checking! I would think it would be allowed to original method of payment if it’s in the terms that users consented to I.e. would be charged if rental not returned in time/held longer, but I could be wrong!

I found this topic Paypal Automatic Payment using API - Stack Overflow It seems that they don’t publicly document this at the moment, and enable automatic transactions without consent only to long-term businesses. We’ll check if it’s possible with other payment systems though.

That would be amazing, thank you so much!

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