Web to App Android and ios

Hello everyone
I am looking for a good service to convert website to App (Android and IOS) also equipped with push notifications. And also for the price to be one time payment.(no monthly charges)
Any suggestions?
Thank you

I can’t recommend a specific service, but the easiest view is probably using WebView technology (wrapping the website as an app), you can try searching by “wordpress to app”, “wordpress webview”, etc. terms.

Super PWA plugin. But only has option for android

Thank you for your Reply
I decided using progressive web apps for wp + perfectly push
Hope everything works well.

Btw.There is a push notifications options within the pwa but doesn’t work properly. Don’t know what’s the problem.so I am using perfectly push.

Thanks for the info Iordcyberr. I am also using the same tools. But have you managed to send push notification for the messages send inside the hivepress?

I think i read somewhere on this forum that there was a known issue with the web apps and push notifcations with hivepress.

thanks aqmiami7 for the info. It would be really great if there was a workaround on this, since customers would really love to see that

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HivePress itself is developed as a WP plugin and we follow WP coding standards & API so there should be no specific issues related to PWA integration, but this definitely requires some efforts, for example linking HivePress events/emails with push notifications you want to enable, this would require code customizations.

Thank you ihor for the reply. The thing is that this email push notification is quite urgent for my customers, so I have to hire someone for this custom work. Can you please give some requirements, or how this task can be formulated so I can search and hire a freelancer.

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I’m not fully familiar with push and browser notifications, but if it’s possible to “listen” for back-end events with these notifications then it may be pretty easy to trigger them using HivePress email events, e.g. hivepress/v1/emails/message_send/send one, if the push notification is attached to this WordPress action hook then it’ll fire when there’s a new message. You can provide this description to the developer you choose on Fiverr/Upwork, the developer must be familiar with WordPress or at least PHP basics and push notifications.

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