What are the recommended themes for HivePress

Howdy ihor,

What’s the latest with the HivePress Experts program?

Sorry for the delay, it’s not available yet but we plan to add it as soon as possible. After we create the Experts page it’ll probably take some time since we’ll add the expert profile only if they prove that they’re familiar with HivePress framework (we’ll create a test for this).

For the Black Friday sale, if I were to get the “Experts” theme, and your entire extensions bundle, would that address most of the features and functionalities, or are all the themes the same, just different layouts?

Hello do you have any news about the “expert” launch not because I want to register as an expert, but because I find it at the top to have a development and customization service, hoping that the price will be affordable, to stay in the spirit of the HIVEPRESS community…

Each theme includes a set of premium extensions (listed on the theme page), since there are a bit different niches the extensions are different (e.g. ExpertHive includes Requests while RentalHive includes Bookings). If you also purchase a bundle we can refund a % that the included extensions take in the bundle.

Please let me know what you mean about the expert launch, HivePress Experts program? We plan to launch it within 2 weeks max, but it’s only for developers (there will be a quiz related to development), with freelancer profiles on Fiverr, Upwork, Codeable etc.

yes in fact I would like to have a developer specialized in hivepress who can meet my needs… at a reasonable cost…

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