What are the recommended themes for HivePress

Do you have a list of compatible themes? Is Divi one of them?

We tested HivePress with all the top themes on WordPress.org (e.g. Nestia, Astra, OceanWP) and fixes major compatibility issues, but currently there’s no integration with standalone page builders like Divi and Oxygen. You can still try to use them with HivePress shortcodes instead of blocks, some minor CSS tweaks may be required though (if the theme styles conflict with HivePress styles).

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Thanks for the response and clarification. What are the big differences between HivePress and GeoDirectory, which seems to be a popular choice?

We have this detailed comparison with Geodirectory The Best GeoDirectory Alternative in 2022 | HivePress Blog You can also install both plugins locally (e.g. using Local https://localwp.com/) to test both in detail. Hope this helps.

Very impressive! Thank you. Based on the outlined specs below, do you think HivePress will work? If so, can you estimate any additional plugin costs to accomplish? Thanks!

Use HivePress as membership with 3 levels of membership.

Profile Fields Completed by Users — *Required

*Name: (text)
*User ID: (user chosen, confirmed if available)
*Password: (text)
*Creative Discipline: (text)
*Location: (geographic database)
*Contact-1: (text)
Contact-2: (text)
*Interests: (text)
*Priority 1: (text)
Priority 2: (text)
Priority 3: (text)
*Personality: (radio buttons, choose one only)
*Values: (text)
Voting Record: (calculation from database polls)
*Current Project: (text)
Short Term Objective: (text)
Long Term Objective: (text)
*Desired Connections: (checkboxes, tick all that apply)
Tools Used: (text)
Discounts: (admin generated, private to user)
Bio: (text)
Private Invitations: (user generated, private to user)
Promotion: (user generated, publicly viewable)
*Member Photo: (image)
Reputation Score: (1 to 5 stars, calculated by reviews)

Sure, you can add custom fields and search filters with HivePress, but customizations may be required depending on the monetization model you want to implement, currently you can use Paid Listings to charge vendors (those users adding listings) for adding or featuring listings, or Memberships to charge regular users (those searching and viewing listings) for viewing specific listing or vendor details. Also, please note that the vendor rating is the average of their listing ratings.

ihor, thanks again for your feedback. A few questions to clarify your comments.

Regarding customizations, are there folks I can hire for that, and do all the points below require customizations?

•• Setting up 3 membership levels, one free, and two that are paid (option for monthly or annually payments)

•• Most fields searchable

•• Search results in a columnar table format

Based on these formatting needs, are there themes better suited that you might suggest?

Custom search filters are available by default so this may not require customizations, but if you need extra features or customizing the existing functionality I recommend hiring someone via Fiverr (there’s a category for WordPress services) https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY We temporarily don’t offer customizations services, but we can provide some guidance if you find a developer (we also have the code & API references, developer docs and a collection of code snippets).

ihor, to clarify your testing with Astra, does it work with WP page builder, or do you mean that page builders by themselves have not been tested without Astra?

HivePress itself is 100% integrated with the native WP page builder only (Gutenberg). If you mean third-party builders like Elementor or Divi there’s no 100% integration yet, but Elementor supports HivePress blocks like Listings, Categories, etc. I highly recommend using one of our official themes, this way you have both the theme and plugin from the same developers (so both are as compatible and tested as possible).

Can you direct me to your official themes? When searching hive press theme in the Appearance tab, 41 themes get served. I currently have your free theme for testing things. I’d be interested in other official themes that might better address my requirements. I guess Astra is not one of your official themes, right?

We have them listed on the website Themes | HivePress There’s a free ListingHive theme and a few themes with niche-specific functionality.

Please make sure that you’re familiar with WordPress or have a developer for setting up the website, while we provide guidance about the plugin/theme features, our support scope is limited to fixing bugs in the existing features Support Policy | HivePress

Thanks for this. The official paid themes are basically the same, just varied layouts. What I do not see is what the back-end looks like for a member. Am I missing something or is the member profile page (how much editing they can do for their page) not part of the demo?

All of our themes have different functionality, each theme except ListingHive bundles some premium extensions (e.g. RentalHive bundles Bookings and Marketplace since it’s a rental marketplace theme).

If by back-end you mean user account where they manage listings, settings, etc. please sign in on the theme demo and click on the username in the top right of the page.

My needs:

Three subscriber levels
User-chosen ID, confirmed if available
Restrictive fields for membership levels
Membership voting/polls

Basic Pages:
Member Profile Page
Membership Subscription Page (compare memberships in three columns)
Sign Up / Login Page
Voting Page
Polling Page
Membership Registration Page
Event Registration Page
Billing Page
Affiliate financial network software built-in to membership program
Search Results Page *

  • Flexible choice and display of results (four data columns)

As you’ve mentioned before, you are available for bug fixes, but not for hire. I understand.

Also, you mentioned Fiver as programmer hiring source. Do any of the programmers on Fiver meet the kind of standards you would require with HivePress?

Perhaps, as you develop your relationships with programming professionals that meet your standards in working with HivePress, you can make it financially worthwhile for yourself, the programmers, and clients looking to hire experienced HivePress developers for both short term and long term, technical relationships? It would be equally valued by everyone. Put me on your list!

Thanks again. I really appreciate your feedback.

Sorry, I can’t recommend a specific developer at the moment but we plan to launch the HivePress Experts program within 2 weeks, to test and approve developers familiar with HivePress. We’re also looking to hire 2 more developers in the near future so we’ll also start offering in-house customization services soon.

Some of the features you listed (e.g. voting and polling) are not available in HivePress so these would definitely require a custom implementation.

That’s encouraging news! Perhaps the voting and polling plugins like, YOP Poll, or Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker plugin solve that issue?

Please keep me posted on your Experts Program.

Thanks, we’ll consider integration with one of these polling plugins.

I recommend subscribing to our newsletter, we don’t spam and we’ll send a notification once the Experts program is launched: HivePress

Thanks for the polling plugin considerations. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter. Looking forward to hearing more good news.