What are the recommended themes for HivePress

Do you have a list of compatible themes? Is Divi one of them?

We tested HivePress with all the top themes on WordPress.org (e.g. Nestia, Astra, OceanWP) and fixes major compatibility issues, but currently there’s no integration with standalone page builders like Divi and Oxygen. You can still try to use them with HivePress shortcodes instead of blocks, some minor CSS tweaks may be required though (if the theme styles conflict with HivePress styles).

Thanks for the response and clarification. What are the big differences between HivePress and GeoDirectory, which seems to be a popular choice?

We have this detailed comparison with Geodirectory The Best GeoDirectory Alternative in 2022 | HivePress Blog You can also install both plugins locally (e.g. using Local https://localwp.com/) to test both in detail. Hope this helps.