What block editor do the themes such as taskhive marketplace use

is it easy to edit the themes. I use tagdiv which is easy to use but i cannot get a handle on guttenberg. Is the themes made from guttenberg. And if they are, is it possible to install a different page editor without damaging the site

Yes, all the official HivePress themes are fully integrated with the block editor (Gutenberg). I recommend using it because third-party page builders load tons of extra scripts and styles, affecting the performance.
There’s also a basic integration with Elementor, HivePress blocks like Listings, Categories, Search Form, etc. are available in Elementor but there’s no full integration at the moment.

Thank you for that. What is elementor. What i would like to know is, because i struggle with Guttenberg, is how easy is it to change the look of the front of the theme, for example if i wanted to put a new block in and then have it appear in the middle of the site. I have not seen in guttenberg how to do this as in other block editors you use padding. Thank you for your help

Elementor is the most popular third-party page builder for WordPress. I recommend using the default block editor, you can edit layouts with it How to customize TaskHive layouts - HivePress Help Center

Thank you for answering my questions. So, if i wanted to add a block that allows me to show the latest categories or popular categories with images, do i use guttenberg or the elmentor that you suggested. Sorry for all the questions, i have only used tagdiv for building pages, and want to be able to make it look different

You can use Elementor or Gutenberg for editing custom pages in WordPress/Pages depending on your preference (the Categories block is available for both editors), but I recommend the default block editor (Gutenberg). Please check the linked screencast, it shows adding blocks in Gutenberg.

Thank you for the great help. I struggle with guttenberg and the things i am trying to do i am struggling with. for example to have categories as the most popular, and also how to have an image or to have a block that goes in the middle of the page.

On tagdiv you can do a block and then having padding around it so you can centre the block. but i cannot see this in guttnberg. i do not want people visiting the site and then seeing it look the same as hundreds of others.

I looked at elmentor and did not know if to buy the pro version or not. The basic version did not provide me with anything that i wanted to do above.

is there any videos to try and make it all look unique

Sorry, I’m not familiar with tagdiv so I can’t suggest anything regarding it, but you can check some Elementor tutorials, or use the existing Gutenberg blocks - if you mean adding a full-width image background section it’s possible with the Cover block.
I recommend starting with the demo content so you’ll see how the demo Home page is built Adding blocks | TaskHive Docs - YouTube

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