What does your SEO plugin include

Hello, what does your seo Plugin, include iam thinking
of buying it. Can you tell me what adventages, will
give to my website?


It allows you to add meta tags (e.g. robots, title, description) and set up Schema by mapping all the listing, vendor, or request attributes to schema properties. It also adds schema properties automatically depending on the installed HivePress extensions (e.g. location, reviews, offers).

I would also like to get a deeper understanding of what this plugin actully do and what advantages it gives you compared to Yost SEO och Math Rank. I it possible to make a youtube video showcasing the functionallities and advatages of the plugin? (searched a lot to just se some screenshots of this plugin but cannot find any and there is so little information in the documentation about the plugin).

If specific search combinations (e.g. cities and catagories) could rank as its own page I would by it for sure. But I guess it doesn’t…?


We recommend using SEO plugins such as Rank Math or Yoast SEO with our SEO extension. SEO extension has two main functions that are fully developed for HivePress specifics

  • customize meta title descriptions based on attributes
  • select schema type and map property to attributes

Thank you for your feedback. We will work on improving the documentation in the future.

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