What happens when a package is expired?

After the package is expired, does the listing delete by itself ? Or what really happens ? I’m using rentalhive.

Also, can you create like a pop-up window on the list a property page, after you finished all the details and pressed the button to go to the packages? The user needs to know that he can’t change the details of the property after he press the button and go to the second step, to the bundle of fees page (submit-listing/package/), because there is no Go Back Button or a Cancel Button, on the second page (submit-listing/package/).

  1. The package itself doesn’t expire, but it can define the listing expiration period, e.g. if you set it to 30 days then any listings added via this package will expire in 30 days, the listings will be hidden but vendors will be able to renew them (they’ll have to re-purchase the package if the limit is exceeded because renewals are counted in the same way as adding new listings).

  2. Please try to override the Add Details page template as a workaround, this way you can add any text (e.g. warning about checking the details) Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

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