What is License key used for?

What is the function of license key which is given with the theme? It’s only for future updates right? Or the theme can’t function without it? Because I don’t want to update my Taskhive theme so will it work without license key?

Yes, it’s used for delivering updates, please note that if you keep the current version without updates (bug fixes & new features/improvements) it may quickly become outdated (e.g. a new major WP or WooCommerce version may break it) - I recommend keeping all customizations outside of the theme/extension folders to update them without any issues.
It’s also used for checking the support status via email and on the forum (12 months are included with each license).

Okay thankyou for your reply! Just wanna make sure one thing will the theme still work without the license key though? Cuz I don’t wanna use it yet because I wanna use the theme on xampp first. So Will all the features work without the license key? even if I host it later without the key will it work?

Yes, it will work fine but I recommend setting the license key at least for fetching the initial updates, because there may be newer versions of extensions pre-packaged with the theme.

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