What is "Listing Limit"?

The definition given is not clear. Can you explain what this function does? Does it limit the number of Listing per person? Or the total Listings allowed for that package?

Yes, it it the total number allowed for submission and renewal of listing. So it decreases the listing limit by 1 on any listing submission or renewal

So I am clear. If set to one, that person can list that one item, one time and cannot relist that one item. Is that correct?

It’s not specific to some listings - if someone gets a package with the listing limit set to 1, then this user can add or renew only 1 listing, then the limit is exceeded and the user will have to get another package if adding or renewing more listings is needed.

Okay. In our case, we want one package per one listing. Therefore we want to set this to one, correct? If you have one item to sell, you need to buy a listing package. You have a second item to sell, you need to purchase another listing package.

Sure, in this case, you can set the listing limit to 1, then vendors will have to buy a package for every listing submission or renewal (if you set the listing expiration period).

Thank you.

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