What is the ideal schema type for listing?

Hello! On my website, people and companies advertise their products and services. I’m having trouble defining the schema type, in the listing and vendor, I looked for an ad and advertiser Schema Type, but I didn’t find it. Please, can you help me? Here are the questions:

  1. What is the ideal schema type for listing? AdvertiserContentArticle or other?

  2. What is the ideal schema type for a vendor? Organization or other?

  3. The Schema Type defined in SEO HivePress does not appear in Rank Math, is it a configuration error? Or should I Schema in Rank Math without filling, since I filled in HivePress SEO?


It all depends on the site’s niche. There is no perfect option here; everything is selected individually. It would be best to look for the most suitable type https://schema.org/
Unfortunately, we can’t give you any suggestions.

If the scheme is selected in HivePress > Seo, setting it in Rank Math for listings and vendors is unnecessary.

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