What to do with WooCommerce pages?

I find several pages created by WooCommerce, and am wondering what to do with them. The pages are /cart/ /shop/ /my-account/ and /checkout/

These pages doesn’t seem to work with hivepress / taskhive, and seemes to serve no function. What should I do with these? Is it safe to delete them, or will that break some functions from WooCommerce?


If you set up WooCommerce and install the HivePress Marketplace extension listings will get the Price field and the Buy Now button. So WooCommerce is needed If you need to get online payments.
WooCommerce is also used for other monetization models, e.g. if you charge users for adding listings (instead of charging a commission on sales) via the HivePress Paid Listings extension.
Also HivePress integrates some of the WooCommerce menu items into its account menu, for example the Orders page.

Yes I understand. The payment process works as expected, but through pages generated by the taskhive theme.

One example is the page :

https://mysite.com/account/ ← this works as expected, and seemes to be the integrated part of the registration and workflow process.

https://mysite.com/my-account/ ← this seemes to be linked to WooCommerce, and has a different menu than /account/ page. Also. This page does not adopt the primary and secondary colour when changing the appearance, like the other pages does, so it doesn’t seem to be intended to work with taskhive/hivepress.

Same with https://mysite.com/cart/ ← taskhive with markedplace and requests allows for single purchases, as expeceted, but this cart page is confusing, and makes the impression that you can add multiple services before checking out → like a logo maker, writing service and a animation service, all from different vendors. This ofcourse doesn’t work.

So my question with these pages, can I just delete these, or will it break WooCommerce in any way?

Please keep the WooCommerce account and cart pages on back-end, but remove any links to them on the front-end - users will not see these pages with the HivePress payment flow. HivePress embeds the Orders page into its account page, so the WooCommerce account page is not required. The cart is also not required since there’s an instant checkout redirect that skips cart, but it’s better to keep these pages on back-end in case if WooCommerce needs them to function properly.

How do you remove them from the front end?

You can simply keep them in WordPress/Pages without adding any links to these pages on the front-end (e.g. in the header menu or elsewhere). Then users can access these pages only by typing the URL manually, but this doesn’t affect any other functions. If you use some SEO plugin you can also mark these pages as “noindex”.

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