When a person cancels a booking, how do I know who cancels it?

When a person cancels a booking, how do I know who cancels it? Is it the host that canceled it or the guest who canceled it? How do I know when the booking was actually canceled?


On the backend side, there is a checkbox that is automatically selected when the customer or non-customer has canceled, and when canceled - an email is sent to the vendor.

Where do I see this checkbox? Where exactly in the back end?


You can find this checkbox in WP Dashboard > Bookings > Edit booking > Canceled by user.

Can I see the exact time in which the cancelation was made?


Unfortunately, the cancellation time is not displayed, only the checkbox is displayed.

Is there a way for me to find out when the cancelation was made?

If you use any email logging plugin or set up a third-party service for sending emails (e.g. via third-party SMTP plugin), you can check when the cancellation email was sent for this booking.

When the host or the guest cancels the booking, it automatically disappears from the WP Dashboard > Bookings. Therefore I can NOT see wether it was canceled by the guest or host.

How do I see which person (the host or the guest) made the cancellation?

Do you have an answer for this?

Sorry for the delay,

In the current version, the easiest way to do this is restoring the booking from the Trash tab (this equals to the canceled status), the booking will get the Draft status and you’ll be able to open it and view the Canceled by Customer checkbox.

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