When add WooCommerce plugin, changes the user link in upper-right corner to the Posts page

Every time I enable to WooCommerce plugin, it changes the link with the username (upper-right corner) to the Posts page. When I deactivate WooCommerce and I click on the username in upper-right hand corner, I get to access the user settings page (which includes Listings, Calendar, Bookings, etc.). Once I activate WooCommerce, how do I change the link back to the user settings page? Thanks.

Thanks for the details. I couldn’t reproduce this issue locally, also WooCommerce is installed on some of our demos, e.g. for TaskHive https://taskhive.hivepress.io/ and it seems to be ok.

Please make sure that the WooCommerce account page or other pages don’t conflict with the built-in HivePress pages via their URL slugs (e.g. the WooCommerce “My Account” page shouldn’t have the “account” slug because it’s reserved by HivePress).